Scratched prepared meals for High Point Furniture Market


covid conscious

Dear Furniture Market Friends,

More than ever I hope this letter finds you both healthy of mind and body!  These are interesting and difficult times but we are looking forward to the expanded format being discussed for the upcoming Furniture Market. Painted Plate is operating in a careful and responsible way to insure our guest’s well being while delivering exceptional food.

Concerns and safety measures:

  1. No sharing of serving pieces or self-service buffets

  2. No station or displayed cocktail events

  3. Hand sanitizing and hand washing stations easily accessible to staff and guests

  4. All utensils wrapped in napkins and sanitizing wipes along with napkins as part of service pack

  5. All service staff to wear masks, aprons and gloves

  6. No condiments or Salt & Pepper shakers to be used communally

  7. No self-serve beverage stations or dispensers

Seismic changes and a whole different way of doing business!  The ability to communicate our safety measures visibly will reassure both clients and guests.

Considering all this we are approaching market with several different service philosophies:

  1. We will offer a selection of box breakfasts, box lunches of salads and sandwiches that can be easily distributed.   Gluten and vegetarian vegan options will also be included in these formats.  

  2. Cafeteria style buffets in our larger showrooms will require more staff to safely serve

  3. Tray passing in paper cups with sanitizing of trays between service rounds

  4. Snack boxes can be handed out to attending guests as well. 

In any format the staff of Painted Plate is anxious and ready to serve.  Please share your plans with us so we can work through this as a team.



Brad B Semon, President Painted Plate